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Press Release

The Winning Revolution Reveals the World's Leading System for Lotto Players and Win Guarantees.

Mastermind mathematician and passionate lotto player uncovers a new system so sure to guarantee wins that the author offers 100% money back guarantee for his book.

Author Elemer Ferenc Szabo today announced the release of The Winning Revolution, a new book about the world's leading system for individual and syndicate lotto players.  Offering a 100% Winning Guarantee at low cost, the book is certain to appeal.

The Lotto System which was developed by the Eligible Fair System, is based on the law of math and simple principles in a universe where 1+1=2.

"As a passionate lotto player and lifetime mathematician, I guarantee that The Winning Revolution contains the best financial combination for you.  Not only is the cost significantly less when compared to the "6 from 6" system, but wins are 100% guaranteed." says Elemer Ferenc Szabo.

The author is so certain that the system described in The Winning Revolution will deliver that he is offering a full refund of the book purchase, should it fail to live up to expectations.

When Elemer Ferenc Szabo discovered the system and the low costs associated he felt compelled to share it with other lotto players around the world.  The result is The Winning Revolution, his first book.

Elemer is 56 and works as a mathematician and psychologist.  He holds Chess, Poker Texas Hold'em and Lotto as his favourite past times.  he intends to publish additional books in the near future.